Backtesting framework

There seems to be no maintained package for trading backtesting framework like a framewokr in python called backtrader
I did come across

  1. dysonance/Strategems.jl
  2. JuliaQuant/TradingLogic.jl

Anyone in the process of creation or knows of a package that i have not come across ?


Well, we still lack backtesting framework. If you’re interested in rebooting the TradingLogic.jl, feel free to ping me in that repo, just show your blueprint.


I will keep you posted. I am working on a design currently.


hi @bicepjai !

I’m also working on a strictly vectorized single asset & portfolio backtesting framework as well.
Ping me on Julia slack (Mark Aron Szulyovszky) or in DM here (or email or whatever Discourse allows you to do)!