Create an executable from script

Googling here and there I managed to rename some .JPG files (produced, I believe, by an iphone) using the exif metadata.
I have to give the script to a friend of mine who can’t install programs on his Windows PC.
How can I make a small (?) executable that runs in its own directory and renames all (several hundred) files, like the example below?

using ImageMagick
exdt(f)=ImageMagick.magickinfo(f,( "exif:DateTime"))

iphotos=filter( n-> occursin("IMG_",  n), readdir())

rawn=[exdt(f)["exif:DateTime"] for f in  iphotos]

newn=[replace(nn, ":"=>"", " "=>"_" )*".JPG" for nn in rawn]

for (i,file) in enumerate(iphotos)

Since your friend can’t install Julia, the best solution I can think of would be to have them run the script with a portable Julia executable, which can be downloaded from the JuliaLang downloads page. I’m not aware of any simple way to encapsulate a script inside a single standalone (small) executable, but I’d say the closest you could get at the moment would be with PackageCompiler.jl, but that seems like it would be overkill for your use case.