[Coverage.jl] Submit CI Coverage results to different repo

Suppose I have a package called Main.jl and a separate package TestMain.jl that uses Main.jl. Both are on Github and have Travis CI activated. Is there a way to submit the coverage results from Main, obtained by testing TestMain, to the repo of Main.jl? Currently my .travis setup contains something like

  - julia -e 'using Pkg; cd(Pkg.dir("TestMain")); Pkg.add("Coverage"); using Coverage; Codecov.submit(process_folder())'
 - julia -e 'using Pkg; cd(Pkg.dir("Main")); Pkg.add("Coverage"); using Coverage; Codecov.submit(process_folder())'

Looking at the Travis log, the coverage results for Main exist and are being processed, but are submitted to the codecov of TestMain instead of Main. I think this must be possible by supplying an argument to Codecov.submit using query_git_info? I can’t seem to figure it out…

You could make TestMain a test-specific dependency for Main, and just use it in the tests for the latter.

Right. But does this also work when both are unregistered packages and TestMain uses Main? Wouldn’t that introduce a circular dependency? In that case, I don’t think you can add TestMain as a test-specific dependency.