Setting up testing and code coverage on Travis

I’ve already got my project on Travis to create the documentation and I wanted to add testing and the corresponding information on code coverage. I’ve added the corresponding testing script and was able to run it locally. I’ve also adjusted my .travis.yml and signed up on codecov. However, if I run my package on Travis now, nothing has changed and no testing appears in the log.

Here are the links to my repository and the travis log:

try Pkg.test() in your .travis.yml

    - julia --project=. -e 'using Pkg; Pkg.test(coverage=true)'
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Thanks. I tried that, but it did not have an impact. Here is a link to the corrected yaml file:

wookyoung pull request here fixed the problem!

You might be interested in using GitHub - invenia/PkgTemplates.jl: Create new Julia packages, the easy way, which sets all this up for you automatically.

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