Approach for using codecov with subpackages

I want to know how to use codecov when there are subpackages in a github repo.

Initially, I was working in a repo with codecov configured in the CI workflow and everything worked as expected. However, once we started to divide our package into a couple of subpackages (or subdirectories), codecov only displays the changes made in the root repo and not in the subpackages.

I think there are 2 possibilities to configure codecov with subpackages:

  1. To configure once in the CI of the root repo, or
  2. To configure codecov for each new subpackage

How to configure codecov with subpackages?
I will really appreciate any guidance.

If you are using julia-actions/julia-processcoverage you might have to adjust the directories input parameter to also include the directories with subpackages.

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Indeed we use julia-actions/julia-processcoverage. Your solution is great and fits our needs. Thank you!!!

Hi again:

Reviewing the codecov platform, even though now the folders appear, the coverage percentage is zero. It’s like it’s not detecting the process step for testing the runtests.jl in each subfolder.

This is the codecov and this is the ci.yml.

Any suggestions?