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I created a new package with PkgSkeleton.jl (thanks @Tamas_Papp) and am trying to register it. However, I cannot for the life of me get CompatHelper to work. The CompatHelper.yml was there from the very beginning, but I guess the action wasn’t set to run? So I deleted it and went through the CompatHelper Action setup again (twice, actually) and I still do not see anything for it showing up under Actions.

The repo is

It only runs once per day by default, so maybe it just hasn’t run yet? You can make it run once per hour by changing the second 00 to a * in the cron line.


But shouldn’t it show up under Actions if it is scheduled to run? There is/was never anything there. I only see stuff for TagBot

Try changing it to run once per hour:

    - cron: '00 * * * *'

Then wait an hour and see if it runs.

Once you know that it is working, you should probably change it back to running once per day, in order to conserve resources:

    - cron: '00 00 * * *'
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I suppose that did the trick. Next time I’ll wait a day before trying to register