Climate Sensitivity

Just saw this, and my deepest fears seem confirmed.


Watched this too. What stood out is the first recommendation she made: taxing carbon.
Until such a tax is made, perhaps an app/wizard/pluto-notebook which calculates one’s personal carbon footprint, would allow voluntarily putting aside such a carbon tax. This might be a first step (and one that doesn’t require learning nuclear physics to make a fusion breakthrough).
It would seem like a natural thing to do and so somebody must have done so already.
Would be nice if someone puts a link here, or develops a calculator in Julia (getting back on-topic).

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Several countries already tax carbon (effectively). The EU Emissions Trading System has been online since 2005. Like all cap-and-trade schemes, it’s functionally equivalent to a carbon tax - the main difference is whether the government direct controls the carbon price (tax system) or the total emission level (cap-and-trade). However, prices in the EU ETS were kept artificially low until the pandemic when most grandfathered emission allowance rules were finally phased out.

Some US states also have similar carbon markets. China also has had several regional carbon markets for years, which were nationalized last year and now cover 40% of their total emissions.

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