CLI for project scaffolding

I’ve been learning Rust lately and had some extra time on my hands today so I built a little CLI to scaffold very simple Julia projects, when you don’t need the full-blown PkgTemplates.jl version. I miss being able to do npm init from my terminal as I did when I developed a lot of Node.js/JavaScript projects and I like being able to call cargo new to set up new Rust projects so I built a little tool that scaffolds bare-bones Julia projects.

It simply creates a new directory with the name of your project, creates a src folder with a <ProjectName>.jl file, as well as a Project.toml that just has the name of the project and a uuid, and finally, an empty Manifest.toml. I realize most people won’t find this very useful but hopefully some will and I had fun building it and designing the goofy little logo so that’s what it was really about for me :slightly_smiling_face:. I didn’t even check to see if there’s an existing tool that does the same thing so feel free to reply here with alternative options.

I’m more than willing to add more features/make it more useful so don’t hesitate to open an issue and let me know what would be helpful for those that find it interesting/useful.

advice on organization, it may be better to also provide instruction on how to compile from source code and then host the binary in the “release” page.