Cookiecutter template for Julia

I could be misisng something, but there still seems no cookiecutter template for Julia?

There must be a reason for this:

  • cookiecutter does not generate Project.toml and uuid for package, so it has to be used with Pkg.generate and two-step process is not fun
  • python tooling is alien to Julia
  • everyone just satisfied with Pkg.generate and copy-pastes other files by hand
  • people are waiting for PkgDev to pick version 1.0

Would be nice to hear is anyone wanted to use cookiecutter with Julia.

My specific case is making a repo with Travis-CI, look like things need to be done manually?

The only one I encountered was and it is for specific extension needs.

I don’t know what cookicutter is, but I wrote

to set up package skeletons.

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There is which already supports Julia 1.0. It is pretty customisable with its plugin mechanism (although it is more specialized tool than cookiecutter).


I guess it is this:

When I read the title I was expecting to see something like this:
Made from julia logo.


Would be just three round cookies though :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Didn’t know about this package. :pray: