Classifiers - Development Status for packages

There are basically no requirements to register a Julia package (and I believe that’s a good thing), besides having an OSI-approved license. I do see for Python, in PyPI there’s (and I suggest the same for Julia):

  • 1 - Planning
  • 2 - Pre-Alpha
  • 3 - Alpha
  • 4 - Beta
  • 5 - Production/Stable
  • 6 - Mature
  • 7 - Inactive


is at 3 - Alpha (isn’t that too pessimistic, and needs to be updated?)

while no such classifier specified for (so seemingly optional):

It could be optional in Julia too, and likely needs to be unset for all existing packages. Going forward (if people feel this is a good thing, working for Python), then some level could be set by default (pre-alpha?).

I don’t know if there are any requirements for the Production/Stable tag with Python, maybe at least 1.0 version number, and that the package is documented? It’s a bit hard to judge the level of documentation, quality (more so than quantity), and level of tests. Any ideas what the requirements should be? Maybe at least a non-tiny and 1+ test?

I did suggest that package names should use American English spelling for consistency in the ecosystem. That issue was closed. I feel it can at least be a recommendation.

I think it might also be good to have in packages a list of suggested other packages to use, and the REPL could suggest them on install. No requirement to add such to your package.

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