[Call to Arms] The Quest to Label every Julia Package

Hi All,

This is an open request to help out the community by categorizing Julia packages. Working on the structure of Svaksha’s curated list, I believe we could label a couple hundred registered packages!

The way you can help with this is by going to JuliaPackages.com and when you get to a package without a label, make a suggestion (see images below for instructions):

// the link used above is:

(if you think there should be a new category or subcategory, feel free to make a github issue here)


Can we have a Category “No category yet” ?
With this it would be much faster to get them categorized.


There is Package Docs , JuliaObserver and now this, which I assume is something new?

Shouldn’t there be one centralized place for this kind of thing? Why are new ones popping up…?

This is the new Julia observer


I have done this earlier today (before this post appeared) to my own package, and I had two doubts:

  1. My package implements a Heap, I wanted to categorize it as a Data Structure package, but such category does not exists.
  2. Who will accept/define the package final category? (i.e., not just “suggest”) I have a say for being the author of the package, or it is an entirely community driven thing?

I went to do some categorization of the packages in the JuliaActuary Organization and found that I really couldn’t find a great category to suggest.

I wonder if tags would be a better option - maybe even just pull in the tags that are attached to repos on Github?


FYI there is a proposal to add metadata in Project.toml including keywords/tags:

I think having this in Project.toml would be nice as this metadata would be shared across other platforms.

Though I see that this is much nicer UI for suggesting a tag (than manually opening a PR). Maybe JuliaPackages.com can implement a way to backport this metadata to the original package?


Whew just labelled 4-5 packages. What if we see a package under a label and we think it might do better under another label? Is it possible to belong to multiple categories?

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Kinda against this idea as it defeats the purpose