CI for private repo repending on private repo on Gitlab

I have two private repos on Gitlab, lets call them Foo and Bar, the latter depends on Foo.

When developing on my local machine, I have Gitlab authentication set up, so I can just did

pkg> activate /path/to/Bar
pkg> add

and everything works fine.

But I also need a solution for Gitlab CI, and so far I have not been able to figure one out. Gitlab offers access tokens, but they become part of the URL, so I would need a different manifest on CI. Submodules kind of work using an internal path on Gitlab (it’s the same user), but I need to overwrite my .gitmodules files for CI because it’s different on my local machine.


Why not add the private packages via git (as in pkg> add so that you can use SSH key to control access?

I could not get that to work (for reasons I gave up on investigating, something to do with Gitlab’s security model), but I found that Git subtrees work fine.

Hmm… it worked for me between multiple private repositories. I just followed

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Can you please share the relevant .gitlab-ci.yml file is possible?

To refresh my memory, I set up a demo that shows the configuration

Just following

Concrete steps:

  1. Create an SSH key pair with ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C GitLabDemoDownstream@gitlab-ci -f key
  2. Add the public key as a deploy key at
  3. Add the private key as SSH_PRIVATE_KEY environment variable at

The CI for the merge request was run before making these repositories public.

I also invited you to the repositories so that you can see the settings.

Edit: Protected switch setting would look like:


Thank you so much! I think the issue for me was the Protected switch.

You are welcome! Yeah, I think it might be a common pitfall. I totally forgot about it.

I used the guide posted above in order to setup my CI which worked fine (thanks by the way!) until recently. After Updating to Julia 1.6 I get:

SSH host verification: the server `private.gitlab:22` is not a known host. Please run `ssh-keyscan private.gitlab:22 >> /root/.ssh/known_hosts` in order to add the server to your known hosts file and then try again.

However, manually adding this server in the .yml does not work.

I found which seems related. At one point it is suggested that adding ssh:// in front of git.private.gitlab might fix the problem. However, when I tried this in the Pkg.registry.add-command, CI could not resolve the url.

As you are using similar setups, did you run into this problem too? Could you solve it?

Edit: I think I found the problem

Adding this solved my problem: ssh-keyscan private.gitlab >> /root/.ssh/known_hosts

I think it is best to wait for the upstream issues to resolve, in the meantime use the workaround.