Checking out old versions of a package for development

I started fixing some functionality in JuMP.jl today, which is currently transitioning between two stable versions 0.18.5 and 0.19. Some packages like PowerModels.jl are still stuck on the old 0.18 release.

I expected ] develop --local JuMP #release-0.18 to checkout the release-0.18 branch, but that functionality seems to have been removed except for some small confusing mention of rev in the docs for develop:

[…] Otherwise, a full git clone of pkg at rev rev is made.

Is there a specific reason for its removal?

Instead I had to use ] develop --local JuMP to clone into master, then checkout the release-0.18 branch manually, add a Project.toml to the repository to overwrite the 0.19.0+ fallback version to satisfy the PowerModels.jl version constraints with a second invocation of ] develop --local JuMP.

Is there a short-cut to this round-about way of getting to a previous state of package code?