Checkout previous version of a package


I suspect that something small is broken in the latest version (0.8.1) of a package. I want to try running with the previous version of the package to see if this is so.

I cloned the package repo, and there is a tag “v0.8.0” of the version I want to try.
I tried this:

Also tried

Both attempt gave the same error,

ERROR: GitError(Code:ERROR, Class:Merge, There is no tracking information for the current branch.)
in #123 at ./libgit2/libgit2.jl:414 [inlined]
in with(::Base.LibGit2.##123#128{Base.LibGit2.GitRepo}, ::Void) at ./libgit2/types.jl:638
in (::Base.LibGit2.##119#124{String,String,Bool,Base.LibGit2.MergeOptions,Base.LibGit2.CheckoutOptions,Base.LibGit2.GitRepo})(::Base.LibGit2.GitReference) at ./libgit2/libgit2.jl:412

Beginner here

See this issue. If you have git locally installed you can do:

julia> cd( Pkg.dir("Knet") )

shell> git checkout v0.8.0

You’re looking for

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Also, versions are written v"0.8.0"