ChatGPT Plugins, using Julia!

Hey folks, I have spent the last few hours trying to set up some test ChatGPT plugins using Julia, here’s what I ended up with: ChatGPT-Plugins-Collection/julia at main · logankilpatrick/ChatGPT-Plugins-Collection · GitHub

None of them are working, which I found odd, seems like they are all very close. Any suggestions to get them fixed would be appreciated, I am guessing it is some simple HTTP error. CC @quinnj


Share the errors you’re seeing?

I have the message: “print(“Attempting to get TODOs”)” in the get function, but it does not show that in the terminal so I am guessing this isn’t even actually hitting the function.

Not a very helpful error message :sweat_smile:

Hmmm, indeed not very helpful. How are you running this? With some local ChatGPT that is able to hit locally served plugins? (sorry, I’m not familiar w/ the plugin API)