Charts from sysstat data

What is a good utility to produce pie charts from CSV files?
My first thoughts would be the Queryverse - or shoud I be looking at something else?
Specifically I would like to produce pie charts for the sums of different columns of data, and also combine some columns (which represent the IO rates of different disks - see below).

I was working with data produced by the Linux sysstat package yesterday
It is quite a well known package which produces files containing ten minute values of CPU load, IO stats etc. I am looking at disk IO rates.
I found it possible to produce a CSV file of the data values using the sadc utility.
My current CSV file has around 3000 rows, so not massive.

I think in general Queryverse should be a good fit for this, except that VegaLite.jl (the native Queryverse charting package) doesn’t support pie charts :slight_smile: But in general you should be able to use different plotting packages with Queryverse as well, I’m just less familiar with them.