Change transparecy of the spines in Makie plots

Hello! This is my first question here so forgive me if I make some style typos.

Maybe this is a very specific question, but I noticed that the spines in Makie have some transparecy since, even though they are colored in black, any other line in the plot also colored in black appears much darker.

I have been searching different attributes but I did not manage to find any attribute that can turn off the transparecy of the spines so they appear completely black.

Hopefully someone can help me.

(Sample code showing what I am referring to)

using GLMakie

x = -π:0.1:π
y = sin.(x)

fig, ax = lines(x, y; color=:black, linewidth=3)

Makie works a lot with transparent colors (rgba), so you should just set the spine color.
Use something like :black or RGBA(0,0,0,0)

I tried setting topspinecolor to :black but it keeps the transparecy that the other spines have.