Change line attributes in GraphMakie


Is there a way to change the transparency of the linesegments in a graphplot?

At the moment I have a graphplot that looks like this:

where the seems to be a white border around edges with a small width. I think I have previously removed this by setting transparent=true within lines!, but I’m not sure how to do this with GraphMakie.


If graphplot returns a plot type, you can look in its .plots field for the LineSegments and set transparency = true on that

Hmm, after some digging I found the LineSegments and changed the transparency to true, but this did not fix the issue as I thought it might :frowning:
If I use lines! to draw the edges and set transparency = false then I get an image similar to above, with the white borders around the edges. Changing to transparency=true fixes this and gets rid of the white borders.

oh wait! it seems to just display incorrectly in the GLMakie window:

but the saved output looks correct:

oh, this only seems to happen if it’s changed after the GLMakie window is open

Ah yeah, transparency might not be “interactive” :frowning: Would be nice to change that, but that means you can’t change it after displaying right now…

You may also use the edge_attr argument and pass a named tuple to that, i.e. edge_attr=(transparacy=true;). With this you can pass arbitrary arguments to the underlying linesegments plot.