Change path auto-completion from \\ to / in Juno


I am looking for the place where I can configure the auto-complete to use a slash instead of two backslashes for paths.

Say that I want to access the relative path "data/exp_raw/my_data.csv" to write a csv there.

The auto-completion in Juno when I have written CSV.write("da proposes data\\.

After I press tab to accept this auto-completion I continue the path with CSV.write("data\\ex. This time, instead of proposing exp_raw it proposes things like emoji or latex symbols because of the backslash.

If instead of using the auto-completion I type CSV.write("data/ex, then it correctly proposes the exp_raw folder.

I think this is not specifically related to Juno; in Windows path-autocompletion is \\ also in the REPL, for instance.