Tab completion is not working in VS Code


I’m using Think Julia to learn Julia on my Windows 10 laptop using Visual Studio Code. I’m not using Atom+Juno as I’m much more familiar with VS Code.

It is suggested in the book that pressing Tab after x\^1 or x\_2 should result in x^1 or x_2.

However, it is not working in the editor. It is working in REPL, but not always in editor. ^ is never working, and sometimes _ is also not working.

For now, I’m copy-pasting from REPL to use in editor, but that’s not a good method. Is there some settings needed to be configured?

My system details:

OS: Windows 10 1909
Julia: 1.5.0
VS Code: 1.47.3

Thanks in advance.


I’m also using Julia extension version 1.0.2 as nilshg, forgot to mention that.

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I’m seeing the same thing for ^ (VSCode 1.47.3, Julia plugin 1.0.2, on Manjaro Linux)

Just hit Ctrl-Space to force the autocomplete pop-up to open.


The above tab completion works for me in the VS Code terminal. However, in the VS Code editor x\_2 auto-completes but x\^2 does not.

(And on a mac, Ctrl-Space maps to a system keyboard shortcut to open Apps (Command-Space)).

The above tab completion works for me in the VS Code terminal.

Yes, same for me. When I said REPL works, I meant that. I’m not yet familiar with all terminologies.

Regarding Ctrl + Space , unfortunately I’m unable to try this. I’ve somehow corrupted my boot manager and can’t login. I’ll try to fix that and try this, but it’ll take some time I guess. But since _ works and ^ does not, I think it is not an intended behaviour, and hence reported. If it’s actually intended, I’ll close this issue happily accepting your solution.


To force autocompletion is really nice :ok_hand:
^2 does not work for me neither but others like ^delta does.

I checked this after more than a month, and today both \^ and \_ worked. So, I think it was fixed in some update in between, and I’m closing the thread marking this as the solution.

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Reopening this thread because I’m still experiencing this issue.

CTRL + SPACE doesn’t always resolve this issue.

Within one session, the tab-completion functionality would switch between working and not working multiple times, which is giving me a headache.

It’s currently an issue on Github.