Change font style of figure title in Makie

Hello people,

After calling the CairoMakie package, I use the theming function set_theme!(Theme(font = "Times New Roman")) to make sure all the text elements in the figure use the user-defined font - ‘Times New Roman’ in this case.

Except for the plot title, all the plot elements use the user-defined font. Attached below is the screenshot of one panel from my 4x4 grid plot.


One can see that Makie is using the default font for the title. I tried passing the command font = "Times New Roman" in the Axis function as Axis(fig[i, j], title = plot_title, titlecolor = :black, yticks = [0, 2.5, 5]; font = "Times New Roman") but this throws an error.

Can someone tell me how to set a custom font style for titles/subtitles? Thanks in advance.

It’s titlefont