Change discourse date display format

Hi! I find the way discourse displays dates extremely annoying. E.g. Oct '16 vs Oct 16; the quote is just not visible enough. Do you have control over this? Please switch to the more verbose ISO 8601 date formats (e.g. 2016-08 or 2016-08-01) or at least write the full year out. Thanks :slight_smile:


We don’t have much control locally here to my knowledge. I do agree with you — but also note that it’ll show the ISO date on hover.

This is an upstream issue for

two minutes later...

Oh sweet I was wrong and they do support changing it!

I’ve changed the format from Nov '20 to Nov 2020 in cases where there’s no day shown.

In addition to being shown on the posts themselves, this is also shown in places where we’re constrained in text length (like the date slider), but I think this is a good change. Happy to consider tweaking things further.


Thank you, this makes me happy and things clearer :slight_smile:

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