ChainRules project looking for a new primary maintainer

Hi all,
I have been leading the ChainRules project since juliacon 2019.
I find myself in circumstances very similar to what Jarret was when he transferred leadership of it to me then – this is a very good thing.
As such I will have less time to devote towards it.

The ChainRules project has been all in all successful.
It is supported (to some extent) by 10 different julia AD engines, and it has hundreds of rules.
Its not entirely up to the latest needs of all engines but it very widely used.
Hundreds of direct dependencies, thousands of indirect dependencies.

The project is now pretty stable.
So the main things now for a lead maintainer to do are:

  • Triage issues: go through new issues as they are openned and give them labels, and check they are not results of confusions, and encourage people to make PRs.
  • Review PRs: review the PRs being made and make the final call, or tag in other maintainers to do reviews
  • Optionally Plan and implement big changes: sometimes we need to support new things for AD engines (most recently was mutating forwards mode), but we don’t always need to do that

We do have numerous other contributors, and I have spoken to several of them (but others I could not reach) and most of them are also restricted in their time.
As such I post here

Ideally after Juliacon this year, I will unfollow the ChainRulesCore, ChainRules, ChainRulesTestUtils and possibly FiniteDifferences repos and only respond when pinged.
I am happy to respond when pinged, to explain things.
And more broadly talk a new maintainer through various things.


Thanks to you, and the other contributors, for all your work on ChainRules. It’s a neat idea and a clear success story in the Julia AD landscape.