BenchmarkTools needs a maintainer

Hi everyone,

I have been maintaining BenchmarkTools.jl for about a year. I didn’t particularly want to do it, nor did the person in charge before me, but we did our best to keep it afloat. Now I am stepping down, and looking for someone to take over.


  • having some time available (not that much)
  • knowing a little bit about metaprogramming

Job benefits:

  • the limitless pride of contributing to a central package in the Julia ecosystem

Perspectives for improvement:

  • drawing inspiration from the recently-released Chairmarks.jl (see the announcement)
  • bringing order to the chaos of package benchmarking utilities (PkgBenchmark.jl, BenchmarkCI.jl, AirSpeedVelocity.jl, PkgJogger.jl)

BenchmarkTools.jl may not be the package we deserve, but it’s the one we need right now. I hope someone will be motivated by the task ahead :slight_smile:


Thank you @gdalle for a great job!

As an on-and-off Julia user for the past few years, BenchmarkTools has been one of those things I reach for absent-mindedly frequently, and it’s one of the first utilities I point colleagues to that are new to Julia. I really appreciate that it’s always “just worked” for me and others.


What does the task entail? As in, what do we have to do? I know a but about both required topics, but expert? No.

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A good start would be resonding to Github issues and pull requests and then asking for help when needed.

Yeah, maintaining a package is a little bit different from developing your own. Your main interactions are with package users, when they open issues or pull requests that you have to review

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Well, I’m too much a newbie to be reviewing Julia code. Now, C, or few others, I’m your guy! I love entity-relationship DBMS’s… Anyone remember ZimDBMS?
I was hoping to contribute. Maybe in the future I’ll find a way. :frowning:

If you’re willing to try taking over maintainance of BenchmarkTools.jl, I’m happy to try and be a second set of eyes explaining things and guiding you (I’m not particularly familiar with the internals, and don’t have the time to dedicate to fully maintaining it myself, but I think I could help someone trying to take it on). Maybe we can also rope @gdalle into helping onboard you as well.

I have already received several messages from volunteers, thank you all! The new maintainer(s) will be announced shortly :slight_smile:
EDIT (2024.04.24): I might have been a bit optimistic there


Thanks but I just don’t think I’m qualified enough.