Can't update Pluto


Currently, I’m having trouble with updating Pluto. I have naturally searched this forum for possible answers, and following here will be the problem as well as attempts to solve it.


Attempting to update directly:

(@v1.7) pkg> update Pluto
Updating registry at C:\Users\HayderNote\.julia\registries\General
Updating git-repo
No Changes to C:\Users\HayderNote\.julia\environments\v1.7\Project.toml
No Changes to C:\Users\HayderNote\.julia\environments\v1.7\Manifest.toml

Attempting to choose directly the suggested version:

(@v1.7) pkg> add Pluto@0.18.4
Resolving package versions…
ERROR: Unsatisfiable requirements detected for package HTTP [cd3eb016]:
HTTP [cd3eb016] log:
├─possible versions are: 0.6.10-0.9.17 or uninstalled
├─restricted by compatibility requirements with Pluto [c3e4b0f8] to versions: 0.9.1-0.9.17
│ └─Pluto [c3e4b0f8] log:
│ ├─possible versions are: 0.2.0-0.18.4 or uninstalled
│ └─restricted to versions 0.18.4 by an explicit requirement, leaving only versions 0.18.4
└─restricted by compatibility requirements with Neptune [6741aa20] to versions: 0.8.18-0.9.0 — no versions left
└─Neptune [6741aa20] log:
├─possible versions are: 0.13.0-0.14.0 or uninstalled
└─restricted to versions * by an explicit requirement, leaving only versions 0.13.0-0.14.0

Looking to see if there is any problem with Pluto:

(@v1.7) pkg> status Pluto
Status C:\Users\HayderNote\.julia\environments\v1.7\Project.toml
[c3e4b0f8] Pluto v0.14.7

Hmmm, strange issue. Everything seems normal but Pluto just won’t update. It seems to me that the software is recognizing the current version as the latest one. However. Clearly in the code it says that the version 0.18.4 is there… It says it’s restricted by an explicit requiriment, however I can only see that it’s being restricted, and no requirement anywhere…

Thank you for your help, I wish you a good day.

remove this first

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Many thanks!!! Now every time I have this kind of trouble, I’ll check other packages I’ve installed ^^