Can't reproduce package environment


I am trying to install private package on new device, but dependencies doesn’t work. Here are steps I took:

  1. git clone
  2. dev MyPackage
  3. using MyPackage

In package Project.Toml there is specified dependency:

ColorVectorSpace = "c3611d14-8923-5661-9e6a-0046d554d3a4"


deps = ["ColorTypes", "Colors", "FixedPointNumbers", "LinearAlgebra", "SpecialFunctions", "Statistics", "StatsBase"]
git-tree-sha1 = "4d17724e99f357bfd32afa0a9e2dda2af31a9aea"
uuid = "c3611d14-8923-5661-9e6a-0046d554d3a4"
version = "0.8.7"

But when I try running some MyPackage functions I get an error. I have deduced that my package actually uses different version of ColorVectorSpace (this newer version doesn’t work with my package).

Global environment Manifest:

deps = ["ColorTypes", "FixedPointNumbers", "LinearAlgebra", "SpecialFunctions", "Statistics", "TensorCore"]
git-tree-sha1 = "42a9b08d3f2f951c9b283ea427d96ed9f1f30343"
uuid = "c3611d14-8923-5661-9e6a-0046d554d3a4"
version = "0.9.5"

I haven’t installed any other dependencies on new device. I have tried multiple times on on fresh newest stable Julia install and same Julia version as other devices. This package used to install without any problems before. It is still used on different devices without problems.

I have misunderstood what uuid hash means. I thought it included package version. To fix my issue I had to manually add package version to Project.Toml:

ColorVectorSpace = "0.8.7"