Can't add packages

Hey everyone, it appears that I cannot add packages anymore due to the path being wrong. In the past I’ve been able to add packages without any issue and I was messing around with creating a package and now it appears to be broken

It seems to be trying to use the path C:\User\UserName\Desktop\JuliaStuff…~.julia\dev\MyExample
Not exactly sure how to fix this. I’m a different directory from where I was messing around with my package. I’ve tried activating my current environment but that didn’t work either

Hi @xFrenchy, I think you should try rm MyExample first.

Thank you! That fixed it. Would you happen to know why creating my own package blocked me from being able to add other packages to other projects? For example what if I wanted to keep MyExample, how would someone keep this package and continue to add packages to other projects?

Creating new packages do not block you from adding new ones, in fact, for julia loading system there is no difference between your own packages and others. The problem was that you probably move MyExample from the location is shown in the error.

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Oh I see, so when it’s doing Resolving package versions... it’s going through every package even though all I wanted was to add another package. So if at any point a package is missing but it’s still expecting it, it won’t allow me to add another package until that’s fixed.

Exactly, Pkg need all the information about what is in the environment before adding a new package, otherwise, for example, it is impossible for it to know the versions of the new package dependencies that will be compatible with the rest of the environment.

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