How to add package from a folder (not registered) into the the project?

I am trying to add a package called MyModule (I have designed it) but I am not being able to

(@v1.6) pkg> add MyModule
ERROR: The following package names could not be resolved:
 * MyModule (not found in project, manifest or registry)

I tried this, but also an error

using Pkg

ERROR: LoadError: Path `path\to\file\MyModule` does not exist.

To use what you have locally, use develop rather than add:

help?> Pkg.develop
  Pkg.develop(pkg::Union{String, Vector{String}}; io::IO=stderr)
  Pkg.develop(pkgs::Union{Packagespec, Vector{Packagespec}}; io::IO=stderr)

  Make a package available for development by tracking it by path. If pkg is
  given with only a name or by a URL, the package will be downloaded to the
  location specified by the environment variable JULIA_PKG_DEVDIR, with
  .julia/dev as the default.

  If pkg is given as a local path, the package at that path will be tracked.


  # By name
  # By url
  # By path

  See also PackageSpec

using Pkg

However the error is saying that the path to the module does not exist

You can check the directory exists with isdir:


If that returns false, then there is most likely a typo in the path!


push!(LOAD_PATH, path_to_parent_dir_of_module)
using MyModule

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The isdir path is different than the one you gave to Pkg.develop

Excuse me, I just copied it plus my module name of ModuleClasses so the path will be "C:\\Users\\amroa\\OneDrive\\Desktop\\Test\\Classes\\ModuleClasses",
@mmiller do you agree?

Check with isdir

Can you please paste the correct path that I need to put it in Pkg.develop(path="") based on the below to make it clear for me"

julia> isdir("C:\\Users\\amroa\\OneDrive\\Desktop\\Test\\Classes")
julia> Pkg.develop(path="C:\\Users\\amroa\\OneDrive\\Desktop\\Test\\Classes\\ModuleClasses")

develop will not make the directory for you.

Please check the output of


In Julia, a package is a folder, with a specific folder structure, not a file. Please read these docs to better understand. Your file ModuleClasses.jl needs to be in the src sub-folder of a folder titled ModuleClasses.

Looks like you didn’t do everything yet.

Take a look at Pkg.generate or PkgTemplates.jl for more detailed advice on making packages with the right structure.

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This error:

ERROR: Did not find a git repository at `C:\Users\amroa\OneDrive -\AmroAlsabbagh\Code\Julia\Tests and Notes\16- Create Package\ModuleClasses

Is because Pkg.add looks for a git repository. If you do Pkg.develop instead, it will not do this and use the path supplied to the keyword argument.

Please try the below and see if it works!

Pkg.develop(path="C:\\Users\\amroa\\OneDrive -\\AmroAlsabbagh\\Code\\Julia\\Tests and Notes\\16- Create Package\\ModuleClasses")
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