Cannot start Julia 1.4.2

After an update to Julia 1.4.2, my Fedora 32 desktop cannot start Julia anymore. The error message says:

julia: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

It seems that your julia binary was compiled on a system with a different version of that library. If you’re using Fedora’s julia, then it’s a packaging issue.

You can find what libraries a binary is linked against by running ldd julia. On my system:

$ ldd julia
[...] => /home/mbaz/bin/julia-1.4.2/bin/./../lib/julia/ (0x00007f60b9c06000)

If I rename I get:

$ ldd julia
[...] => not found
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When I run ldd julia, I got:
ldd: ./julia: No such file or directory

You need to first cd to the directory where julia is, or provide the path to ldd, for example ldd /usr/bin/julia.

You can find where your julia binary lives by running which julia.

I see: => not found

Then there’s your problem: your julia binary was compiled in a system with that library, but it’s not present in your system.

If you installed julia via Fedora’s packaging system, and the problem remains after a full system update, then the problem is with Fedora’s julia package.

That is what I thought. I just updated my system and the problem should be on Fedora’s side.

This bug has been reported: