Could not load library "libopenlibm"

I’ve started learning arrays and i have faced this weird problem while using norm function
could any one help me?

What is the output of versioninfo()?

I’m very sorry for may late reply
this is the result

I assume you installed Julia from binaries? Do you get the same error if you run that code from the Julia console?

yes, i did it from binaries.
yes, still the same error :frowning:

How about versioninfo(true) and show(readdir(JULIA_HOME)) ?

If the latter shows a libopenlibm.dll present, then could you download Dependency Walker and take a screenshot of the result when you open the libopenlibm.dll file in Dependency Walker?

This is the result:

file libopenlibm is there in julia files, but when i saw this error for first time i told my friend then, he gave me this file from his own julia file and i replace my file with his file , but the problem still there . and i posted the problem here.
i tried Dependency Walker for double check but he gave me an error.

small note: i replied with 4 replies because julia doesn’t allow me to add more than 3 images in one reply.

Please reply with text in the future, images are not searchable if anyone else has the same issue.

Replacing openlibm.dll from your friend’s copy of Julia was a bad idea, as they most likely had a 64 bit copy of Julia. Reinstall Julia on your system without modifying any of the included files.


I will try reinstall julia
Thanks alot :green_heart::blue_heart: