Could not load library in Linux

I have tried a lot about this problem but could not find a solution. And I can’t use julia at all. Could you help me with it? Thank you a lot.


If you want to run Julia 1.7 you must navigate into the bin directory (as you already have), and then type ./julia (not just julia) . Btw. Julia 1.4 isn’t supported anymore, and neither is Julia 1.7…

You likely want to use Julia 1.8 (and in a few days 1.9, it’s even better).

You can download them at the Download page at, but even better download juliaup first and let it do it for you.

Julia 1.7 isn’t supported any more, while it should still work. It seems to be a setup problem, maybe someone deleted it incorrectly, i.e. just the sysimage In rare cases you want to use Julia 1.6 LTS, that is still supported (also with juliaup).

OK. I can solve the problem now. Thank you a lot.