Cannot load SVG files with Gtk.jl

When loading a svg image inside a GtkImage widget, I get a “missing image” icon. If I load the image from within a Glade UI I also get an error message.

(julia:18273): Gtk-WARNING **: 21:00:53.077: Could not load image 'Gtk-refresh.svg': Couldn’t recognize the image file format for file “/home/user/src/spintest/Gtk-refresh.svg”

The GtkSpinner widget also doesn’t show anything for me, presumably because it’s trying to load SVG data.

From what I understand Gtk needs some library such as librsvg in order to render the svg files into a GDK pixbuf. Apparently something is missing to connect Gtk to this library in my machine. Do spinners work for anyone? Do I need a specific version of this library, perhaps? Or is there anything missing in the Julia code to make this connection?