Image loading in Gtk

I’m trying load an image in Gtk, so far I found GdkPixbuf() function in the source, that accepts filename as argument but I couldn’t make it work. I think image loading is not supported yet.

using Gtk
win = GtkWindow("Loading Image..", 400, 200)
x = GdkPixbuf(filename="b1.jpg")
push!(win, x)

Is there any other way to load an image in Gtk?

EDIT: I just found this. But it doesn’t work for me, @GtkImage is not defined.

Here’s a snippet from a GUI I used around 1 year ago:

using Gtk
using FileIO
using ImageView
using Gtk.ShortNames, GtkReactive

win     = GtkWindow("GUI", 600, 600);
c       = canvas(UserUnit,400,400);
img = load(files.file_path[files.crt_file])

Sorry it’s not complete working examples, maybe later I’ll find some time to test and post.

I hope it helps.