Cannot find installed modules when 0.7 is not launched from bindir


I have JULIA_DEPOT_PATH set up. When julia is launched from its bindir=Sys.BINDIR,v0.7-alphafinds the modules inJULIA_DEPOT_PATH`; when launched from any other folder I get the error:

ERROR: ArgumentError: Module Revise not found in current path.
Run `Pkg.add("Revise")` to install the Revise package.

For all the modules that I have installed.

Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else encountered this?

I appreciate any help!

What does the package manager tell you when you enter st? (Or maybe status)
I think you need ] to enter pkg>

Sorry, I never update this with the sort of “fix” I found.

It turns out that the default location of the DEPOT_PATH=~/.julia is created automatically and populated. If you change the variable after, not everything is transferred over.

Namely, the folder .julia/environments/v0.7/*.toml (which is the default environment) are not recreated. You can create that folder by hand, then ]Pkg add starts updating the Project.toml and Manifest.toml, things start working again. You will need to do Pkg> add ... again on packages that were previously installed so the *.toml files are updated correctly.

Weirdly, without the above, if you launched julia from its bindir the packages were found, so there must be some relative path set up somewhere… but I never got to the bottom of that :slight_smile: