Can we make a list of common keyboard symbols for Mac?



A lot of people on this forum frequently use , , etc.

This is awesome because Julia enables it, but I’m guessing many coders avoid them like the plague.

As a new year’s resolution, maybe we can get everyone (at least mac users) to get accustomed to them.

This is my (very short) list so far:

Command Keys
opt + x
opt + =
÷ opt + /

// I realize many of these have /blah commands, but some writing environment don’t allow them



A useful thing on the Mac is to go to the Keyboard system preferences, add a Greek keyboard under “Input Sources”, and then under Shortcuts / Input Sources add a binding for an easy way to switch input sources (I use command-space). Then you can type command-space to easily type Greek letters (e.g. α is typed by “a” in the Greek keyboard), and type command-space again to switch back to your regular keyboard.

(The Greek keyboard also has different shortcuts for math symbols, e.g. option-d is ÷.)

In the US keyboard, option-/ is ÷, option-v is √, option-< is ≤, option-> is ≥, option-d is ∂, option-p is π, and option-m is µ (unfortunately a different character than the greek μ, but they are treated as equivalent by Julia).


That greek keyboard idea is great! Caps lock has never been more useful.

Maybe try losing command-space in favor of it though. I use spotlight search every day


None of those shortcuts work on a Danish Mac.