Can I SnoopPrecompile a Genie.jl app?

SnoopPrecompile can be used to precompile a set of function calls during package precompilation. As a Genie.jl app is a Julia project, I was wondering:

Is it possible to package a Genie.jl app as a package, and thereby use SnoopPrecompile.jl to make the app quick to launch? I am essentially looking for an autogenerated sysimage for the app.

In case it is not possible to package an app as a package, is there another way one could take advantage of SnoopPrecompile (or SnoopCompile) to get a similar outcome?

As long as you create it as a “package,” then you can use SnoopPrecompile.

And that is my question exactly. It has a project.toml, and a manifest.toml, and is wrapped in a module. But I have not you seen the docs tell you to use Pkg to “add” it. So I am not sure if it possible, but I can not see what is missing. Is anything else needed to make it a “package”?

pkg> dev MyFavoritePrecompiledModule may be what you’re after. You can specify the whole path if it’s not in your .julia/dev folder.