Can I add multiple package's SnoopCompile precompile scripts to one?

I’m trying to better understand SnoopCompile. It seems @snooping on my package creates alot of precompile statements in other modules, and my gut feeling is that for my case these are the really important ones in terms of startup time. I think they are appearing because I’m snooping on some “high level” functions in my package which leave lots of things uninferred, which I think is causing something analogous to:

julia> foo() = sum(Base.inferencebarrier(rand(Float32,2)))
foo (generic function with 1 method)

julia> SnoopCompile.parcel(@snoopi(foo()))
Dict{Symbol,Array{String,1}} with 2 entries:
  :Main => ["precompile(Tuple{typeof(foo)})"]
  :Base => ["precompile(Tuple{typeof(sum),Array{Float32,1}})"]

In this case, I’d guess the precompile(Tuple{typeof(foo)}) will do essentially nothing, the real work is precompile(Tuple{typeof(sum),Array{Float32,1}}), but that will be written to a file precompile_Base.jl and I’m not sure how / if I’m supposed so include this in my package’s precompile scripts.

I tried in my real case to include some of these other package’s precompile scripts in my main package and some did not work because some symbols were not defined (seems the precompile scripts assume they will be in the package in question?) and when it did it to work, I didn’t see any improvement. Am I doing anything wrong here or misunderstanding something about SnoopCompile? Thanks.

how / if I’m supposed so include this in my package’s precompile scripts

My presumption is that if you included them (and there is no actual harm in doing so), they wouldn’t be written to the *.ji file. You can essentially think of it as “precompile type piracy”: if you own their foo nor any of the types that foo acts on, then I think you can’t direct the precompilation to your *.ji file. See However, you might be able to force them in that other package? As should be evident, my understanding of this stage of precompilation is pretty limited.

some symbols were not defined (seems the precompile scripts assume they will be in the package in question?)

If it generates a precompile script that errors, that’s a SnoopCompile bug. Please report a MWE, if possible.

and when it did it to work, I didn’t see any improvement

Invalidations can make hash of precompilation. Precompilation has worked for quite a few of my packages but that’s partly because I’ve gone in and made changes elsewhere in the ecosystem to eliminate the invalidations. I am hoping to distribute more information soon about how you can do this yourself (and I expect Julia 1.6 to be far more invalidation-friendly overall), but currently it’s pretty bleeding-edge stuff.

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Thanks, thats helpful. Yea, the example of precompiling setindex! from your issue I think is very similar to what I’m trying to do here. One difference is that in your example, MyPkg does own T so maybe its not full “precompile type piracy”? But maybe that’s not the important piece, in any case in my MWE in the original post and my real case my package indeed does not own either function or argument types.

What I don’t understand though is, to take your example, if the call to setindex! is inside one of my fully inferred functions, does mean it still doesn’t get precompiled? Like, will this end up precompiling setindex!? :

module MyPkg

struct T end

foo() = setindex!(Dict{T,Int}(), 1, T())

if ccall(:jl_generating_output, Cint, ()) == 1
    precompile(foo, ())


If yes, then to me it seems like I should be able to make my MWE work too, and its just the inferencebarrier thats the problem? If not, then that’s definitely a current limitation of SnoopCompile I hadn’t appreciated.

In my experience, Dicts are a special case; for example, check Revise on Julia nightly:

julia> using SnoopCompile

julia> tinf = @snoopi tmin=0.01 using Revise
4-element Array{Tuple{Float64,Core.MethodInstance},1}:
 (0.011423826217651367, MethodInstance for setindex!(::Dict{String,Revise.WatchList}, ::Revise.WatchList, ::String))
 (0.011632919311523438, MethodInstance for setindex!(::Dict{Base.PkgId,Revise.PkgData}, ::Revise.PkgData, ::Base.PkgId))
 (0.01972484588623047, MethodInstance for setindex!(::OrderedCollections.OrderedDict{Module,OrderedCollections.OrderedDict{Revise.RelocatableExpr,Union{Nothing, Array{Any,1}}}}, ::OrderedCollections.OrderedDict{Revise.RelocatableExpr,Union{Nothing, Array{Any,1}}}, ::Module))
 (0.03306698799133301, MethodInstance for setindex!(::Dict{Base.PkgId,CodeTracking.PkgFiles}, ::CodeTracking.PkgFiles, ::Base.PkgId))

setindex! methods for various Dict are types are the only ones that don’t successfully precompile. (The list would be far longer if there weren’t precompile directives for CodeTracking, JuliaInterpreter, LoweredCodeUtils, and Revise.) The issue is summarized in (see the explanation about roots), though I suspect that proposed fix will not be merged. It turns out, though, that this doesn’t seem to be an issue for the vast majority of methods that Revise needs at startup.

Julia 1.4 has several other items that fail to precompile, due to invalidations (totally separate issue and much more common).