Can Gadfly plot 3D surface charts......?

Dear Juliaists,

I installed Julia and Gadfly correctly on Windows 10 (I run a kaveri box amd64 machine).

My question is not about Julia hence I chose the offtopic section.

I looked at the Gadfly documentation which is helpful.

It is clear on how you plot things and how you read in the data (e.g. from an Rdataset file or a file made by the Rdataset utility in R) etc. I have R installed on this machine and I can look up Rdataset on it and make it work.

In the example plots I can see 2D charts with sets of x and y coordinates.

E…g. the set (1,1) ,(2,2), (3,3), (4,4), (5.5) should give a straight line going through the origin with a slope of 1.

Or something like that.


Can Gadly plot what is termed a 3D surface chart.

Like this one:

or this:

Can it do this or should I go for pyqtgraph instead?

I think you need to use numpy and csvread or something to enter data from data file into pyqtgraph as far as I
can see…

May be there is an alternative way to one of the widget things from Qt Designer or from pyqtgraph itself but it is a bit cryptic trying to figure that out for me at present.

Comments appreciated.

Michael Fothergill

Gadfly can’t do it, but it’s not a good show of what Julia plotting libraries can do at all. Plots.jl can do it, and so can PyPlot.jl. You’ll get a lot more mileage out of those. I’d suggest giving Plots.jl a try.