How do I do a plot in spherical coordinates?

I either want to see a 3D surface or web of points. I suppose I can just take the 3D surface example as a model, but if possible, I would like to have angle axes. Is that possible with existing graphics libraries?

You might be interested in using Plotly via the PlotlyJS.jl package.

@empet has a great gallery of 3D examples: 3D-Viz-with-PlotlyJS.jl

and has contributed to this discussion on the plotly forum (based on the python plotly) that seems related to your question:

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Thanks. I can see I have work ahead of me.

Earth is often represented in spherical coordinates. GMT.jl has lots of tools for those representations, maybe some will suit your needs.

Oh, good idea.

If anyone wants to know what I did about this, I hacked it - fed the point coordinates into a CAD program (Rhino) which accepts spherical coordinates in input. Maybe some other time I’ll do proper Julia code, but this was quick, and enough. (And I can use Rhino to create just about any reasonable visualization of the data.)

I am still surprised that support for spherical coordinates is so thin; they are widely used in physics, engineering, and geography.

GMT, thin???