Calling chemical kinetics solvers like CHEMKIN or Cantera from Julia

Hello Everyone. I am relatively new to Julia and I am using it to solve a chemically-reacting flow problem that requires extensive reaction-rate and species thermodynamic-data. I came across one such open-source software called Cantera, that has most of the features I am looking for. Note that it has pre-defined mechanisms, reaction-rate data, and thermodynamic data for some common reaction systems.
I am looking for either:

  1. Coupling a solver like Cantera (written in C++ & Python) with Julia and use it along with Julia. Cantera’s official documentation says it can be used with applications written in C++/C and Fortran90 and already existing support with MATLAB and Python.
  2. Another similar library/package in Julia like Cantera. After some exploration initially, I came across SciML’s Catalyst.jl. However, after going through the documentation, I learn that it is a chemical-kinetics solver coupled with Julia’s ODE solvers (DifferentialEquations.jl) for which I need reaction rate and thermodynamic data beforehand.

Any suggestions on how to couple Cantera with Julia or any existing support that exists for Julia?