Is there a direct link function for chemical process simulator like Aspen plus in Julia like in Matlab or python through COM technology?

Something like Aspen Plus - Matlab Link - File Exchange - MATLAB Central

Not yet, as far as i know. i was actually looking at the reverse pathway, how to connect a Thermodynamic model to a CAPE-OPEN compatible simulator (using CORBA).

But this can be achieved in python, why julia doesn’t support this function?

for function, at what part of the entire link are you referring to? the COM conection? or the Aspen support?
Also, you can call python from julia (via pycall.jl) or julia from python (via pyjulia)

Yes, I think by using Pycall.jl in Julia, I can also call aspen plus chemical process simulator in Julia similar to that in python or Matlab. There are already demos for Matlab and python, but I don’t know how to achieve it in Julia, how to use Pycall.jl to achieve this, I really need a demo.Below is a file for demo in Matlab and in python.
Aspen Plus - Matlab Link - File Exchange - MATLAB Central (
Running Aspen via Python (