Blog post on Rust's new scheduler

Rust is about to release a new version of its scheduler, and there’s an interesting (and detailed) blog post about it that I thought some people here might be interested in, especially with all of the great work going on with Julia’s scheduler:

The blog post gives a general overview of the advantages and trade-offs of various approaches to creating schedulers, and then gives a brief history of Rust’s scheduler, before diving into a lot of details of the new scheduler.

Their testing framework (called Loom) I found particularly interesting. It reminded me of a recent video on benchmarking that someone posted on Slack (and which was also excellent) (sorry, I forgot who posted it).

Anyway, it’s a really nice read for anyone interested in these sort of things.

(Interested parties have already seen (or written :wink:) this, but for comparison, the blog post on the Julia scheduler is here



That video was really cool! Thanks for the link, @kevin.squire! :slight_smile: I love how well-presented the topic was, I found myself anticipating the answers to each problem he presented, which means he did a great job leading up to them! :+1:

I would be really interested in seeing both of those ideas explored for julia! (It looks like Stablizer is supposed to work across platforms; it would be neat to set this up for julia. Coz is linux-only. And i don’t think either tool is built for dynamic code generators like julia.)