Best way to use repo in IJulia jupyter

I’m trying to use code from a (frequently updated) git repository in a Jupyter notebook with Julia 1.3. What’s the best way to do it. Is it still as described here?

I just cleared my package cache for the package I’m using (UAI) and now I have this error

# Julia code inside jupyter notebook with IJulia 1.3 as kernel
import Pkg
using UAI```
`path <path>/.julia/packages/UAI/zyedr for package UAI no longer exists. Remove the package or `develop` it at a new path`

I doubted whether to post it here or in the Jupyter Discourse so now it’s both. Help still appreciated. :slight_smile:

Can you share the Project.toml and Manifest.toml that this code errors on? You can find the location with Base.active_project(). Hopefully you still have it!

Also useful is the feedback you get from Pkg when you run the Pkg commands.

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