JuliaUserGroupMunich: Tim Besard, GPU Programming in Julia: What, Why and How?

Join us online :spiral_calendar: Monday 4. Monday 11. December 2023 :clock630: CET 18:30.
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GPU Programming in Julia: What, Why and How?


I am glad to welcome Tim Besard as our speaker. He is the creator and main maintainer of CUDA.jl and oneAPI.jl - which are among the best GPU interface existing today.


:clock630: 18:30 - 19:30. Tim Besard: GPU Programming in Julia: What, Why and How?


This talk will introduce the audience to GPU programming in Julia. It will explain why GPUs are useful for scientific computing, and how Julia makes it easy to use GPUs. The talk is aimed at people who are familiar with Julia and want to learn how to use GPUs in their Julia code.


It is often said that Julia is a good language for GPU programming, but what does that really mean? For starters, why should you even care about GPU programming? In this talk, I will explain the basics of GPU programming, and how it can be used to speed up scientific computing.Julia supports several GPU back-ends, including CUDA, AMDGPU, and OpenCL. I will explain what the relation is between these back-ends, and how to choose which one to use.

The talk will also cover the basics of GPU programming in Julia. I will explain how to use Julia’s array abstractions, and what the different ways are to write GPU kernels. This will include a series of tips and tricks, e.g., how to debug and work around some of the limitations of GPU programming in Julia.Finally, I will briefly cover some more advanced topics, such as how to profile GPU code, and how to optimize kernels. This will focus on the CUDA.jl, wich is the most mature GPU back-end for Julia.

:clock730: 19:30 - open end: Time for further discussion

The event is going to be online. The link will be made available 10 min before the actual start. Please join 5 min ahead, the session is going to start on-time,

:spiral_calendar: Monday 11. December 2023 :clock630: CET 18:30.

Looking forward to see you all,


Stephan Sahm

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Join us today for the GPU introduction with Tim Besard!

We are live

Will you upload the recorded video of the meeting somewhere?
I had problems with connecting to teams.

Yes. The recording is ready and uploaded to youtube. Enjoy