Badge url gives 404 for new package

I am using Documenter for the second time. On the first package everything went fine. This time I got as far as populating the gh-pages branch correctly, but when I install the badge in the link returns a 404.

Is there something obvious that I could have one wrong. I have typed and retyped
several times.

I’m doing this is 1.4.1 and updated Documenter when I installed 1.4.1 today.

Do you have a link to the repo?


It is very much under development.

Thanks. Since you do not have any releases of the package (what stable links to) you have to use the in-development URL for the badge: Home · SIAMFANLEquations.jl

You can look at Documenter’s README, which have both the stable and dev links:

Wow! Thanks.

I did not have to do that for the other one
Is that because I has a dev branch?

I actually don’t know why that is, but somehow you have a stable folder here:

Thanks. If I want a stable folder after I make the dev branch, could I simply rename the dev folder?