Axis theme for custom type in AbstractPlotting

I am trying out AbstractPlotting recipes for a custom type, and I have a question about theming. I understand that extending AbstractPlotting.default_theme is the way to pass attributes to my plot, as shown the molecule simulation example. But is there a way to override defaults for other parts of the plot, e.g. the axes? For my type, for instance, I’d like to specify that only the left frame should be drawn, and there shouldn’t be any grid lines visible. I tried something like this

function AbstractPlotting.default_theme(scene::SceneLike, ::Type{<: Plot(MyType)})
    Theme(colormap = ::viridis,
          textsize = 6,
          axis = Theme(frame = Theme(frames = ((true, false), (false, false))),
                  grid = Theme(linewidth = (0, 0)),

but the themes for the axis do not seem to be propagated to the final plot. Is there a better/correct way of doing this? Thanks!

Just to put the solution here, the keyword to use as far as I recall was axis2d.