Automating juliaup installation

I trying to automate juliaup installation using a shell script.

Juliaup help shows the -y flag can be passed to disable the confirmation prompt. However when I use it, I’m still presented with the interactive installer.

Can anyone suggest a workaround to automate juliaup installation?

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That seems like a bug. Have you filed an issue?

I did submit an issue juliaup-init brings up interactive prompt when called with -y flag · Issue #300 · JuliaLang/juliaup · GitHub

I noticed there is an issue #218 that describes

juliainstaller should have command line args for

--yes option that installs with all defaults and no user interaction

However, issue 218 is still on the backlog and I think juliainstaller may refer to the part of juliaup that installs different Julia versions and not the installer for juliaup itself. The juliaup project is developed in Rust which I’m not familiar with.

I was wondering if anyone else had encountered this and used a shell trick to work around it.

I encountered the same problem, trying to install juliaup on Google Colab. That is - I am aware - a very special case (i.e. container, shell commands invoked from a jupyter notebook cells, etc.).

Line 95 of was commented. Uncommenting it still prompted the user to proceed, which I could not do it from the jupyter notebook cell.