My install using the (new?) curl method failed in a freakish way

My Mac Julia installation was about two years old, so I thought I should update it. When I got to Download Julia I saw that it is now recommended that one use

$ curl -fsSL | sh

When I issued that command from my command line, it printed a bunch of what seemed to be very useful information to the screen, followed by the question about whether I wanted to proceed with the standard install. While trying to select and copy that very useful information (so I could paste it in a file for future reference) the installation started (without my wanting it to) and it made a mess of the installation attempt.

Now my machine is in limbo: files have been added to ~/.julia (and perhaps elsewhere) but juliaup is not functional, so I can’t issue

juliaup self uninstall

If I try to just enter the curl… command again I get:

info: downloading installer
Welcome to Julia!

This will download and install the official Julia Language distribution
and its version manager Juliaup.

While Juliaup does not seem to be installed on this system, there is a
Juliaup configuration file present from a previous installation.
:heavy_check_mark: Do you want to continue with the installation and overwrite the existing Juliaup configuration file? · yes

But then the install fails as follows:

Now installing Juliaup
Installing Julia
Configured the default Julia version to be ‘release’.
Error: failed to create symlink /Users/paul/.juliaup/bin/julia.

Caused by:
File exists (os error 17)

Any idea how I should proceed?

Move /Users/paul/.juliaup to /Users/paul/.juliaup.bak. Try again. If that works, you can dispose of /Users/paul/.juliaup.bak.

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That did the trick – thank you!

If anyone else has need of this solution, I will just say that in a Unix-type environment, the mv command does not require a -r switch to make it recursive the way cp does. (I suppose that is because even when mv is applied to a directory, it is really just changing the directory’s name.)