Automatic package links are broken

The links introduced here Automatic package links - #4 by mbauman such as DifferentialEquations are currently being redirected to JuliaHub which is a 404 landing page.


Thanks for flagging this! JuliaHub added the registry name to the URLs here, so I need to fixup the links.

It should work again with a hard-reload of your browser: test with this DifferentialEquations.jl.

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This seems to be a thing across the ecosystem - is a redirect for the old links an option, so that people with existing documentation don’t all have to be aware of this?

EDIT: To clarify; this is something JuliaHub would have to install on their end, not package developers in their docs.


Quick update: While it seems that there is a redirect now, I’m not sure it’s working correctly. When I navigate to, I get redirected to a page that looks like the package page for DifferentialEquations.jl, but the URL in my address bar reads I suspect you have some off-by-one in your proxy configuration, inserting the wrong URL segment as the package name (my guess is you’re doing some last-like operation, but on the new URL that’s only been partially constructed and not the old URL).

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Just checking in here, the redirect still seems to end up at the double General in the address bar, both on Firefox as well as Chromium.