Auto-update of Julia (apps) and other languages

I’m aware of juliaup, but I’m thinking, is there a way to auto-update a Julia app (e.g. one made with PackageCompiler.jl)?

I was curious what’s available for other languages, e.g. MATLAB we compare too, and Python:

I didn’t quickly see if MATLAB (or Octave) have auto-update for themselves (not apps), anyone know? I did see:

In general you might want to update for new features in your own app and/or newer/faster Julia, or in case Julia has a security issue.

If you have the source code, plus you have Julia, then it’s your responsibility to update Julia, with e.g. juliaup, as needed. I’m not up-to-speed if juliaup does auto-update, or at least downloads more recent Julia for you and/or notifies a newer one available, but it’s not a substitute for Julia itself autoupdating (or your app).

It’s great that we have PackageCompiler.jl (and similar) and juliaup. I think they are incompatible. If I get a compiled Julia app, and it’s really old (maybe no longer supported), even though I can’t get the source code, can I hack and and fix to work with newer Julia?

I made an issue today on Julia auto-update, but it was closed. I think maybe a misunderstanding, that Julia couldn’t and shouldn’t (partially) update for security. Anyway, it would be less of an issue if we had some more general Julia app upgrade tool.